A Friendship Club for Women on the Move – a move geographically or in your life stage




Have you moved to Darwin recently or had a change in your life stage?

Would you like to extend your friendship to others with similar experiences of moving either geographically or in a change in your life stage?

Enquiries to become a member of the Ionian Club of Darwin Inc. are most welcome, particularly if you are new to Darwin.  Also, if you are from the Darwin area and have experienced a recent significant change in your situation, membership of the Club would be beneficial to you.  It will open up new friendships with women of the same interests.

The Ionians meet regularly to assist members to assimilate into Darwin and to provide support. We hold meetings and run a variety of regular group activities such as a book club, gallery tours, coffee mornings and games – Mahjong.

Then consider joining the Ionian Club of Darwin.

About the Club

All Ionian Club Members

• have experienced the difficulties of relocating
• meet regularly in friendship and fellowship
• assist other members to assimilate into their new community
• support each other in times of need
• are aware of the needs of others in the community
• maintain friendship with members from other Ionian Clubs
• enjoy many activities and cultural pursuits

All Ionian Clubs

• hold monthly meetings
• have special dinners or luncheons to celebrate special events
• have a number of special interest groups (Craft, Book Club, Bridge, Mahjong, Walking,
  Golfing … ) that vary from club to club depending on the wants and interests of members
• have outings and events that include partners and friends
• operate under a set of basic rules but each club has a separate set of by-laws.

  (Clubs must still conform with the objects and philosophy of the entire Ionian Club)

* Joining

If you are interested in joining the Ionian Club or would like to join us for one of our activities or meetings, contact our Membership Secretary and President Fran Smith on 0403 335 794.