The Rules of Every Club

Every Ionian Club has the rules shown below

plus a set of individual rules and/or by-laws.

rulebookBasic Rules of the Ionian Club

As adopted at the 11th Ionian Convention 2014 – Adelaide.

  1. NAME

    The name of the Club shall be “_______________________”.

    The objects of the Club shall be:
    1. To provide a social and cultural Club of ladies resident in ___________________ and surrounding districts and who are or have been newcomers to the area.
    2. To offer friendship and assist members of the Club in establishing themselves, to promote and facilitate their entry into, and interest in the social and communal life of Brisbane.
    3. To maintain a relationship with other Ionian Clubs.
    1. Any lady who is a financial member of an Ionian Club in another club area is, regardless of place of birth, eligible to become a member by transferring (see Rule 8).
    2. Eligibility of membership shall be determined by each Club’s By-laws. Eligibility
    1. No applicant shall be proposed for admission to membership until she shall have attended at least two meetings of the Club as a guest and been introduced as a prospective member.
    2. Every application for admission shall be proposed and seconded by financial members of preferably 12 months standing. The “Application for Membership” form is to be lodged with the Honorary Secretary.
    1. If a member shall fail to pay her annual subscription within 30 days of the due date, notice shall be sent to her calling it to her attention. If she does not pay the amount within 30 days from the posting of such notice, she shall cease to be a member. If she gives to the Executive Committee a satisfactory explanation, she may, at their discretion and upon payment of arrears, be re‑admitted to membership.
    2. Any member who shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings shall forfeit her membership unless she has previously obtained leave of absence. If a satisfactory explanation is received, she may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be re-admitted to membership.
    1. Any member may resign her membership by giving to the Honorary Secretary notice in writing to that effect and upon ceasing to be a member of the Club, forfeit all right to membership and claim upon the Club and its property and funds.
    2. A member who has resigned may make application and may be reinstated at the discretion of the Committee.
    1. In an area where there are two or more Clubs a Transfer Secretary is appointed (in rotation) to assist all incoming transferees. All outgoing transferees are the responsibility of her own Honorary Secretary.
    2. The term of the Transfer Secretary to be decided by the relevant Clubs.
    1. In the event of a member being transferred to another Club the Honorary Secretary shall forward the Transfer Form to the Club or to the Area Transfer Secretary where such officer is appointed.
    2. A transferee must begin membership of her Club within 6 months of the date of her request for transfer and remain a financial member of her previous Club until the transfer has been completed.
    3. A transferee must become financial within one month of her admission to the new Club.
    4. A transferee shall be liable to pay a pro rata membership fee until the end of the financial yearof the new Club if their financial membership of the previous club expires before then. The amount paid to be determined by the new club.
    1. A financial member of an Ionian Club may attend any meeting of another Ionian Club outside her Club’s area as a visitor with no voting rights and have that attendance included in attendance requirements of her own Club. A visiting Ionian has the responsibility of notifying the Club in question of her intention to attend.
    2. Members of sister Clubs in the same area may be invited to meetings as guests. This visit shall not be included in attendance requirements in her own Club.
  10. BY-LAWS
    1. Each Club may make By‑Laws not inconsistent with these Rules for the internal management of the Club.
    2. The Management Committee shall make available to members copies of any such By-Laws made from time to time.
    3. A by-law may be set aside by a vote of members at a general meeting of the association.

    The executive Committee of each Club shall have the authority to interpret the meaning of these Rules and any matter relating to the Club on which these rules are silent.

    1. Conventions will be held within 5 years of the previous Convention, co-ordinated by a State Convention Committee that has indicated willingness to undertake this role. This Committee will be responsible for the publication and distribution of the Ionian Newsletter for their term.
    2. A member of each Club to be elected to the position of Convention Liaison Officer as soon as possible after each Convention. She will receive on behalf of her Club, all Convention material and correspondence relating to the upcoming Convention, and will present such information to her committee and members as required.
    3. The Conventions to be held over three (3) consecutive days.
    4. An annual levy is to be paid by every Ionian Club on a per capita basis. Such levy is to be paid within 6 months of each Club’s Annual General Meeting and that money is to be responsibly used for set up costs of the next Convention.
    5. The amount of the annual levy is to be determined only at an Ionian Convention after consultation with the outgoing Convention Committee.
    6. Upon the winding up of the Convention Committee, and after all financial commitments relating to the hosting of the Convention have been met, the bulk of surplus funds held by the Convention Committee is to be handed over to the incoming Convention Committee as soon as possible and the remainder at or before 12 months.
    7. Each year the Convention Committee will forward the Annual Audited Financial Statements to all Clubs and submit to Convention an up-to-date anticipated Income and Expenditure Statement.
    8. The annual cost of running the Ionian website is to be paid for by the current Convention Committee.
    9. That the open forum discussion is held prior to the business part of the convention.Two delegates to be chosen (usually the President and Secretary) to represent the Club at the Ionian Conventions.
    1. These Rules may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution only at a Convention. No such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless 75% of the voting delegates shall vote in favour thereof.
    2. Each Club shall be entitled to one vote either in person or by appointed proxy.

    A new Club may be established only under the guidance of an existing Club.

    1. In respect of the matters covered herein only these Basic Rules repeal all the individual Club Constitution/Rules in operation at this time.
    2. These Basic Rules shall come into operation on 14 September 1988.
    3. These rules were reprinted on 25th October 2006 and include all amendments made since the adoption of the first Basic rules.
  16.  BADGES

    Twenty-five year badges shall be given to all members who are Ionians for this length of time.