Friendship Group for Women

qld91headOur Motto:  Reaching out in Friendship

 We are an organization of women who are or have been new arrivals in the community meeting regularly in friendship and fellowship to assist members assimilate into their new community and support each other in times of need.

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at The Brisbane Club, Post Office Square  in Brisbane’s city centre.  Presentations covering a wide range of interesting topics follow our Business Meeting and then a delicious lunch is served.  Our members are encouraged to bring along a friend to these meetings and we welcome ladies who are new arrivals in our community to visit us in anticipation that they might like to join our association.

Social Activities

Each month, a social activity is organized for all members.  A visit to the Art Gallery, a picnic in the Gardens, a bus tour day, a special lunch venue, a guided tour of a local attraction, or similar day out, provides an extra day of friendly fellowship.

Members are invited by our ‘Open House’ Hostess of the month  to her home for morning tea.  Quite often there is a special theme for the day – food demonstration, fashion parade, craft demonstration etc.
Mahjong is very popular within our club and all members are invited to join in the weekly gatherings.  These days are hosted in rotation in our members’ homes. Some of our members also play cards on a regular basis.

Members who are having a birthday are invited by the Birthday Lunch Hostess of the Month to a function to celebrate together.  This is quite often a lunch in her home, a morning tea, or maybe a breakfast.

As our Club draws membership from a large area, we have four Area groups in Brisbane.  These groups meet from time to time providing extra support and allow those members living close to each other to get better acquainted.

Several functions are organized during the year when our Husbands/Partners are invited to join us.  There are two other Ionian Clubs in  the South East Queensland area, and we encourage our members to attend any combined functions that are organized from time to time.
We encourage you to contact us by email if you are interested in learning more about our association.