What we are

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The Ionian Club is an organisation for women who meet regularly in friendship and fellowship and all sister clubs maintain links with each other.

Many clubs now exist throughout Australia and there are clubs in New Zealand and the UK.

All clubs follow a Constitution (incorporating  Basic Rules and By-laws).

To join an Ionian Club, one is invited by an Ionian or referred by an Ionian from one’s previous location.

Members are aware of the needs of others in the community.
They help one another to assimilate into a new community and support each other in times of need.

Lunch meetings are held monthly, usually with a guest speaker.
Special luncheons are held to celebrate club birthdays and Christmas.

Within each club are sub-groups that meet regularly for different activities.
Groups vary depending on the wants and interests of its members.

Activities can include craft, book groups, Bridge, Mah-jong and walking.
Clubs often arrange outings to include partners and non-Ionian friends.

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