History: How the Club started

 Phyllis McDonaldPhyllis McDonald

Phyllis McDonald founded the first Ionian Club in Launceston on 3rd October 1946 when as a newcomer to that city found herself very lonely.

Phyllis felt the need for a group where other women in similar circumstances could meet and share friendship.  Not being one to sit around and do nothing, she gathered together a small group of ladies.  This first group met in each other’s homes.  They would have either morning or afternoon tea together, share experiences, do craft or just chat. Husbands would join them at weekend picnics or other events.

With Australians being the mobile people we are it didn’t take long before Ionian ladies had moved to other cities and they soon formed new clubs for themselves.  In 2014 there are 17 clubs throughout Australia, one in London, England and one in Auckland, New Zealand.