If you are interested in joining the Darwin Ionian Club please contact Membership Secretary and President Fran Smith on 0403 335 794.


send us a message from the Club “Contact Us” page.

The Club president will contact you as soon as possible.  You will have an opportunity to meet for a coffee to discuss what the Darwin Ionian Club can offer you. You will be invited to attend our various weekly activities and the monthly Club Meeting. If you would like to become a member after experiencing our Ionian friendship group, eligibility will be after attending three activities or three monthly meetings. You can choose any combination of three visits (all activities or two activities and a monthly meeting and so on). If you have commitments elsewhere or decide not to go further with our small club, then you will be unable to attend any of our activities after that decision.

Please refer to the Darwin Club’s home page for information about the club and what activities may interest you.


Annual Fee $65.00 (pro rata fees apply if joining during the year). Subcriptions are set at the October AGM.