Capital Friends: Canberra Ionian Club



Capital Friends: Canberra Ionian Club 1978 – 2013


Margaret Carmody, Bridget Colless, Gina Jeffrey


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The Ionian Club Canberra Inc.
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From the Ionian Club of Canberra Inc.

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In 1978 the Ionian Club first met in Canberra under the auspices of the Sydney Ionian Club and it has been the independent Canberra Ionian Club since 1979.

It is a club for women who like to make friends and get to know Canberra and its environs.

In 2013 Canberra celebrated its Centenary. For over 35 years, the Canberra Ionian Club has been part of life in Canberra, offering friendship to newcomers.

Every member of Ionians has stories to tell about being an Ionian. In this book, we have gathered some of those stories to share with you and we have carefully chosen photographs that illustrate our history.

“Readers of this history will find in its pages all the ingredients for a recipe to make and sustain a successful, much-loved social club. The many members who have brought their talents, innovations and dedication to the Canberra Ionian Club over the last 35 years, as well as being Capital Friends to one another, have been great friends to our Capital.”

Marlena Jeffery


“This book is dedicated to the memory of members of the Canberra Ionian Club who have passed away and their contribution to the Canberra community.”

Margaret Nibbs President 2011 – 2013


This history of the Canberra Ionian Club has been prepared by three Club members: Margaret Carmody, Bridget Colless and Gina Jeffrey.

Capital Friends is a story of a small community group which has made a difference in the lives of its members and in the life of Canberra. In the centenary year of the National Capital, we celebrated and acknowledged the achievements of the Canberra Ionian Club.