About the Club

The Objects of the Ionian Club

To provide a social and cultural Club for women resident in a particular city or town and surrounding districts and who are or have been newcomers to the area.

♦   ♦   ♦

To offer friendship and assist members of the Club in establishing themselves, to promote and facilitate their entry into, and interest in the social and communal life of a particular city or town.

♦   ♦   ♦

To maintain a relationship with other Ionian Clubs.

 “Once an Ionian – Always an Ionian”


All the Clubs:-

diamond-blueoffer friendship

diamond-blueassist new members to establish themselves.

diamond-bluefacilitate new members to enter the local social and communal life.

diamond-blueassist with the general welfare of all members.

diamond-bluemaintain a relationship with other Ionian Clubs.


To these ends all Ionian Clubs:-

diamond-bluehold monthly meetings

diamond-bluehave special dinners or luncheons to celebrate special events 

diamond-bluehave special interest groups (Craft, Book Club, Bridge, Mahjong, Walking … )

diamond-bluehave outings and events that include partners and friends 

diamond-bluefundraise for charity but only in a very minor way.

diamond-blueuphold the objects and philosophy of the Ionian Club. 



Are you are interested in joining the Ionian Club?

Please contact a club in your area to discuss that club’s requirements for membership.

See The Clubssection for information about Ionian Clubs near you.

To make an enquiry please see the Contact Us section